Hello Everyone,

When I started this blog my intent was to write about my opinions on politics and religion. Little did I know, the title I chose for my blog would be just a little prophetic (if you believe in that sort of thing) because what I refused to acknowledge at that time was that my views were in the process of a strange progression of their own. At the time, I had changed from a Conservative to a Liberal and I believed that the change had ended there. Over the next few years however, my religious views also began to shift and change as well. I had desperately tried to hold on to my Christianity, but all the while, as with my Conservative views, it too was slowly slipping away. It came to a point where I could no longer ignore the things about the Bible that I found horrific, the lack of logic of it all, and the outright contradictions it had within itself and with the real world. To make a long story short, my religion had to go, and new views on religion and the world have now taken their place.

I’d like to think that the changes that have occurred in my life have been for the better. I feel that I am more kind to people, I no longer feel a disconnect between my views and the real world (science and history specifically), and I have far more confidence in myself and the path I’ve chosen for myself. My hope for Strangely Progressive, is that those who read it will find something that makes them think and reassess their own views, whether they agree or not. I always welcome constructive criticism, friendly debate, or words of encouragement. So with that, welcome to Strangely Progressive. I hope you enjoy!


James Garcia

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