Over the Rainbow

The following is a response that I wrote to a blog entry titled “Pride” found here:


The comments from his blog are underlined in blue.  My comments are in black.

“Hello, I’ve just finished reading your blog entry titled “Pride”, and I have a few comments on it.   First off, voicing your opinion is perfectly fine, but you should be ready for others to voice theirs in return. So here’s my take on your post:

“I think it’s a trend. A cry for attention. From your government, a distraction. For $.”

  • racist businessOf course you do, and the reason is because it has no affect on you.  I imagine you would have said the same thing about the civil rights battles that took place in the 60s had you lived then.  For People like you interracial marriage wasn’t something they wanted so it wasn’t important.  They weren’t black, so overturning bigoted Jim Crow laws didn’t matter. Why should they care about the push to change those things? When something has absolutely no impact on your life it’s just not going to seem important to you.  For all of those interracial couples, and for all of those African Americans who had to see “Whites Only” signs in windows, it was a very important concern.  As for today’s battle for marriage equality and equal rights for LGBT people, it is a huge deal… To them and to their loved ones.  Think for one second how you’d feel if you were told that you couldn’t marry the person that you loved.  Imagine that you were denied the right to sit at the bedside of that person while they were sick or dying in the hospital.  The reason you’re being denied that right? Because someone else’s religion was being given control of our laws, in spite of the fact that the government is not supposed to respect any one religion.  Imagine if the Islamic religion were suddenly given control and Christians weren’t allowed to marry (or whatever group you’re a part of).  Would that feel good to you?  Would a move for equality feel like a trend to you then? Like it was a cry for attention? For money? Is it possible for you to have an ounce of empathy for a portion of society that you aren’t a part of for just one moment?

“I have previously stated how I feel about marriage in this post: MARRIAGE I have also created an event: Heterosexual Parade…”

  • StraightPrideI wonder if you also think there should be “White Pride” parades or parking spaces for “Non-Handicapped” people?  You do realize that the reason those things don’t exist is because they are not needed.  White people already have the most privileged position in our society.  Those that don’t have a physical disability don’t need special parking spaces, because they can walk perfectly fine with no trouble.  The same goes for straight people.  They already have the most privileged place in our society.  Their love isn’t questioned or looked down on.  All rights a straight couple could want, they already have.  There aren’t “straight pride” parades because straight people haven’t been beaten in the streets and murdered for being straight.  They don’t have to hide who they are because of fear they will be thrown out of their homes, disowned by their families, or fired from their jobs.  There is no stigma of shame attached to being straight because of misconceptions, misinformation, and flat out lies.  A straight pride parade would be like winning a race and then running around all of those that didn’t win pointing and saying “HAHAHAHAHA!!! I WON LOSER! I WOOOOOON!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!! WHAT A LOSER YOU ARE!!! LOOK AT MY AWESOME TROPHY!!! LOOK AT THIS COOL PRIZE THAT I WON THAT YOU DON’T HAVE!!! WHAT A DAMNED LOSER YOU ARE!!! LOOOOOOSER!!! LOOOOOOSER!!!”  and then spitting on them and slapping them repeatedly. You know what that makes you?  A HUGE asshole.  Go ahead.  Have that if you want.  But don’t be surprised when everyone that is not a part of your already extremely privileged club wants nothing to do with you.

“Gay Mafia? Maybe animals should be allowed to get married? Would they govern and tax them too? While they’re at it, how about equal rights for insects?”

  • dog weddingI have no idea what “Gay Mafia” means so I’ll just ignore it.  As for the rest of your point, American contract law requires the ability to consent.  Animals and insects can’t speak, can’t read, can’t write, and therefore can’t consent to a contract, much less sign one.  You do realize that in this country marriage is just a contract that bestows certain rights and tax benefits, don’t you?  Have you figured out some way to teach animals to speak English? Have you figured out how to teach them to read and write and take part in our economy and in our society?  If so, why isn’t it national news yet? The fact of the matter is that members of the LGBT community that want to marry are consenting adults.  Two consenting adults should be able to enter into whatever type of contract they want to and there is no valid reason, outside of religious considerations (which should have no affect on our laws) for banning marriage equality for LGBT citizens who pay their taxes, just like any other American.

“In my opinion, there is a difference between a man and a woman. If you can’t appreciate those differences, you can’t enjoy those differences.”  

  • apples and orangesWho is saying there aren’t differences between men and women? Of course there are differences.  There are also differences between gay and straight people, black and white people, short and tall people, people with long hair and people with short hair.  What does that have to do with anything?  Differences and similarities among people aren’t requirements for entering into legal contracts.  In the 60s your statement could easily have been read “In my opinion, there is a difference between black people and white people.  If you can’t appreciate those differences, you can’t enjoy those differences”  as a defense for banning interracial marriage.  You see that, right?

“I don’t agree with boys turning into girls, and I don’t agree with girls turning into boys.”

  • JennerYou’re perfectly welcome to your opinion, as ignorant as it is.  But the thing is, your opinion shouldn’t affect the lives and decisions of others if they aren’t harming anyone in any way. Don’t want to have gender reassignment surgery? Fine. Don’t have gender reassignment surgery.  Don’t take hormones.  But you don’t get to make that decision for others anymore than I can decide where you work, what you eat for dinner, or what church you go to.  Just because you “don’t agree” with something, doesn’t mean that it isn’t happening.  I can say I don’t agree the sky is blue, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t blue anyway, whether I like it or not.  There is so much that science doesn’t know about the biology and the psychology of gender.  If they don’t know for sure what causes someone to be transgender (or gay for that matter), then what makes you the “go to guy” for information?  What makes you think your opinion should matter when it comes to laws and regulations that affect the lives of others? Have you ever even bothered to sit down with a transgender person to have a heart-to-heart talk with them? Have you ever stopped to consider what that person has gone through, what chemicals and hormones are at work within their bodies, what changes their body went through in the womb and since birth that has brought them to where they are in their life? It goes back to that “empathy” thing I mentioned earlier.  You see something that has never affected you, that you’ve never felt or had to experience, and so it becomes something distasteful to you, something strange, and possibly… something that frightens you? So you lash out and act as if you should have a say in the lives of others, even though their lives and their decisions don’t affect you even a tiny bit.  Other than having to see people different than you happily living in society that is.  But if you can’t handle that, then that is your problem and no one else’s.

“The way I see it, some boys never turn into men, and some girls never turn into women. What a shitshow.”

  • babyYou’re absolutely right.  Some people never mature enough to realize that there are others in the world that aren’t like them, and that that isn’t a bad thing.  Some people never learn to embrace the differences of others and see that they can easily coexist in the world with them. Not in spite of, but because of those differences, and that those differences make the world a much more beautiful place to be.

“Welcome to the other side of the rainbow” Really? No thanks.

  • That’s perfectly fine.  Continue to live in your grey world where only those that look and believe exactly like you are welcome.  The rest of us will continue living happily together, enjoying our many differences without you.  For the rest of us the world will be a much more fun and colorful place to live in, and when you’re ready to join us there, you’ll be more than welcome.”

“Diversity is not about how we differ. Diversity is about embracing one another’s uniqueness.” – Ola Joseph


James Garcia

July 25, 2015

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