A Trip into “Enemy” Territory…

FoxlogoSo tonight, I stumbled upon a semi-older Fox news article during some of my readings titled “Frightful poll Sends Democrats Screaming!” that talked about Obama’s approval rating dropping to 43%.  After reading the article I decided to see how their comments section community was, as compared to a more Liberal setting… I have to say… It was frightening… I really, truly, want to believe that the far right isn’t made up of racists lunatics… But this little walk through enemy territory did absolutely nothing to cleanse that image from my mind.  Here are some examples…

I found this one pretty disturbing...
I found this one pretty disturbing…
I found this one disturbing... "Black Messiah?" Is that a thing?
I found this one disturbing… “Black Messiah?” Is that a thing?

Man... This guy combined a weird rant about socialism with an extremist religion one... That has to be some sort of talent... Some strange... Twisted...Talent...

Man… This guy combined a weird rant about socialism with an extremist religion one… That has to be some sort of talent… Some strange… Twisted…Talent…
Apparently the Democrats only have “shipped in illegals” and dead people voting for them… Man it must have taken a LOT of shipped in illegals and dead people to have won the last two elections by as much as they did!
Yep…Everyone that is signing up for insurance through Obamacare is a “taker”…
Where do they get this stuff???
Wow… Now they are attacking innocent babies… How “nice”… As for the rest, I don’t even know what to say… “Is Obama’s Family in Haiti?” He’s not an American citizen yet he’s somehow a traitor as well??? Do they even realize how these rants sound?
Apparently now Democrats don't work... Did I miss the memo? Should I quit my job?
Apparently now Democrats don’t work… Did I miss the memo? Should I quit my job?
And then there's this... I don't even know how to begin explaining this... I do like Ditzy2's response though!
And then there’s this… I don’t even know how to begin explaining this… I do like Ditzy2’s response though!

I don’t think I could make this stuff up even if I tried… I would say it’s funny, but I actually find it kind of horrifying… Especially all of the racist / Immigrant-phobic comments… I know there are good Republicans out there, but the one’s commenting on the Fox news website certainly aren’t among them… I feel it’s necessary to say that I don’t truly believe Republicans are my “enemy,”  I only use that word to imply opposing political parties, and it made a catchy title!

http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2013/10/31/frightful-poll-sends-dems-screaming/# (Here’s the article if you want to peruse the comments yourself…)

Written By: James Garcia (11/13/13)

2 thoughts on “A Trip into “Enemy” Territory…

  1. Unfortunately, this is what constitutes political discourse now. We’ve lost the ability to communicate and discuss real ideas and actual policies. It’s all been simplified and condensed to seven-word phrases and rally cries. Even the much maligned 30-second sound bite would seem like deep discussion nowadays by comparison.

    I get feeds on FB from PoliticusUSA and from Tea Party groups, and find them both to be highly inflammatory and manipulative. PoliticusUSA at times seems openly hostile to Christians (at least, the ones who vote Republican), which I’ve found annoying. And of course, the conservative sites are constantly looking for Muslims and gays under every rock, and Obama’s an evil mastermind Muslim bent on America’s destruction.

    The demonization and viewing each other as “the enemy,” viewing politics as “war,” and using bellicose language has made us all soldiers and warriors for the cause of “the party.” We are playing right into the hands of the elite, who see us as simpleton Sheeple who can be jerked at will.

    The truth lay buried beneath the rubble.

    1. I think the “anti-Christian” mindset comes from the fact that the Republican / GOP party has been using the Christians for the last few decades as their showpiece. Every issue they bring up they somehow relate it to Christianity, whether it be from taxes, to marriage, to guns, to welfare, to immigration, etc… I do find some of the Left Facebook pages to be a little out there… I liked The Christian Left for awhile, but then they decayed into doing the exact same garbage the Right web pages do. Things like “The Republicans don’t really worship Jesus, they worship the Devil!” Where I don’t agree that many of the Republican viewpoints line up with Jesus, I never call anyone the Devil or Satan or the Anti-Christ etc… I do have to say though, that a majority of the Tea-Party pages I see are ALL like that. Every “Republican” centered post inevitably has SO MUCH of that garbage in their comments section, and they are usually based off of chain letters that are based on little fact… I mean, there was that whole Million Bikers thing, and Million Truckers thing, that so many Republicans were cheering about, but their page was FILLED with racism and hate speech… It was truly scary…

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