Say Something… Before It’s Too Late

politicsI recently had a friend say to me; “Oh, you’re into politics?  I never knew you liked politics… I don’t pay attention to any of that…”  I have to admit… This annoyed me quite a bit… Not because my friend was being rude, but because of the statement “I don’t pay attention to any of that…”  I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard this statement from a variety of people, some very intelligent, some not so much… And it irritates me every time.  My question for those that “don’t pay attention” or to those that never vote is, don’t you realize that these issues affect almost all aspects our lives?  All of these things have an effect on what taxes we pay, to what freedoms we’re allowed, to laws that are passed.  In other words, they are issues that every American should pay attention to with great interest, regardless of political affiliation!


I have noticed as well, that these are usually the people that complain about inflation, about taxes, about specific freedoms they have been denied (or more frequently, freedoms that others have been allowed).   My mother is fond of asking these types of people “Did you vote?” If the answer is no, then “Well then don’t complain, you should have voted.”  This is exactly the right answer to these types of people.  Voting may not play that big of a part in the Presidential election, but it does in every other issue that we vote on, from propositions, to mayors, to governors, and to our Congressional Representatives.  Voting is our chance to say how we want our country to be governed.  Propositions allow us to create a society that we would be happy to live in.  Our government officials are the ones that represent us.  They are supposed to be our voice in Washington.  

So to all those to whom politics doesn’t matter, I say, do you care about the society you live in?  Do you care how much taxes come out of your paycheck?  Do you care about your environment?  If so, then you should care about politics, because politics affects all of these things, and then some.  The next election is quite a ways off, but OUR Representatives in Congress vote on issues almost daily.  Their phone numbers and email addresses are readily available.  Let them know how you feel! I will tell anyone, there is no better day than today to start getting informed.  If an issue peaks your interest, do a little research on it, check out a variety of news sources, read proposed bills yourself if you don’t trust the media.   Apathy and disinterest are attitudes that lead to societies that we aren’t comfortable living in.  Don’t leave it up to everyone else to pay attention, and don’t wait until it’s too late to get involved.


Written By: James Garcia (11/12/13)

2 thoughts on “Say Something… Before It’s Too Late

  1. shinobiswordsman

    My response is that I am disinterested in politics, but I do not complain when the government does something I disagree with. Admittedly, it’s not the best perspective to have, but it’s better than simple inaction and complaining.

    1. Ha, well as long as you don’t complain afterwards! (Really though, this IS addressed to the apathetic people, but mostly to those that are apathetic AND complain….) 😉

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