Why We Need ENDA

ENDAToday I am going to make a brief statement about ENDA . For those that do not know what ENDA is, it is the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, and it has just passed the Senate.  This bill would make it illegal for employers to discriminate against prospective employees because of their sexual orientation or gender identity and would also prevent them from being fired for the same reasons.  I’m sure most people would balk at the idea that people can be fired for being gay, and in many states it might not be happening… However… In 29 states it is still legal for employers to fire employees because they are gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, or transgender.  So what that means, is that it is still completely legal in a majority of our states for a person to be fired for their sexual orientation or gender identity.  Still think ENDA is unnecessary? If you do, I’ll ask, do you think we needed protection for minorities? Did we need the Civil Rights Act of 1964 that made discrimination against racial, ethnic, religious, or gender minorities? Did we need the American’s with Disabilities Act? The sad truth is that discrimination still exists in many workplaces, and unfortunately laws to prevent it are completely necessary.  ENDA is just another one of those pieces of legislation that ensures employers can only consider a persons ethics, morals, and character, how hard they work, and if they can do their job well when it comes to hiring and firing.  I’m sure that some unscrupulous employers will find creative ways to get around the law, as they do now, but at least it will make it a little bit more difficult for them to openly discriminate, and it’s certainly a step in the direction of equality for everyone.  ENDA has passed the Senate, however it still needs to pass through the Republican controlled House.  I encourage anyone who cares to call your State’s Representatives and let your voice be heard.  It’s time for employment discrimination to end, not just because of race, ethnicity, religion, disabilities, or gender, but for sexual orientation and gender identity as well.  It’s time for equality for everyone.EqualityWritten By: James Garcia (11/8/13) 

4 thoughts on “Why We Need ENDA

    1. Right? Apparently versions of it have been up before every congress since 1994 except one and it has never passed. I’m thinking it stands a much better chance now.

      1. I completely understand religious objections and why many Christians object the way they do, but there are exemptions for churches and religious organizations, so I don’t know why there’d be a problem with this. I read this morning that it wouldn’t get through the house for at least a year. That makes no sense.

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