The Facebook Chain-mail Scourge

Today, sitting in my Business Law class, one of my fellow students decided to let his thoughts on the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare…) be known… And of course, what he was saying was based on nothing more than Facebook propaganda pieces… I have to say…  I have absolutely no problem with Republicans who dislike Obama for factual, backed up by data, reasons… But for those who get their information SOLELY from Facebook chain-letters and don’t bother to research these things AT ALL… I have a very hard time having respect for those people… Especially when they throw loud, social-network hissy fits… I don’t quite have the energy to write out a long, well-thought out, post today, but rest assured, I am planning an entry that addresses some of the more ridiculous Obamacare rumors that are STILL persisting even though the ACA has been rolled out.  Here is a preview of what I am planning on addressing:

Are Muslim’s exempt from Obamacare? (Yes, this is still being said…)

Are members of Congress and the Executive branch exempt from Obamacare?

Is Obamacare socialism?

Is Obamacare truly destroying full-time jobs?

Is Obamacare causing premium rates to skyrocket?

Anyway, I hope you’ll all check it out! (Look for it Saturday!)



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